QuickDiff: visually see the differences between 2 blocks of text

What's this?

Input your text in the two textarea's below and click on 'Check for differences' at the bottom. It will graphically show you the differences between the 2 textareas by highlighting those areas that have changed. You can then generate a unique URL to share the results with anyone (such as a co-worker to show code changes?).

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What's this?

QuickDiff is a wrapper around the popular diff tool on Linux, designed to make viewing the changes between 2 blocks of texts more easy. This allows you to see the difference in text, lists, mails, config files, ...

It was created because I needed an easy way to see the difference between 2 blocks of text, but didn't want to use external services to use it. Since I often use this to diff config files or other "personal" stuff, I feel more confident that I do it on my own system, where I know all data is being deleted. I know it's still plain text, so don't use this for passwords, but at least it's not being stored on a remote system.

I can not guarantee you that I don't save your input (since that would mean I need to give you root access to my server), but I give you my word: your input is not being saved on the server, at all. I save it temporarily to 2 files, to diff them, then delete them aftwards.

Dude, this stuff doesn't work.

It's a Work-In-Progress. It does what I need it to do, but it won't be perfect. If what you're diff'ing isn't top secret, mail me your 2 text-field contents via m@ttias.be so I can debug it further. If you have hints, either mail me or contact me via Twitter at @mattiasgeniar.